Friday, June 12, 2009

Bestowed Upon Me: Haiku Friday

All you pretenders
to my throne, bow down in awe:
Earth's Stinkiest Mom.

The damnation rained down upon me by Youngest last night struck my funny bone. [Don't worry, it wasn't my bad arm.] Why, for God's sake, am I the Stinkiest Mom on Earth? Because I intervened when Youngest was being his Stinkiest Kid on Earth self.

This 'ku came to mind, of course, since I know how much mothers vie to out-worst each other. For today, I am the wiener.

Now, go hie your wannabee selves over to A Mommy Story for Haiku Friday.


jabblog said...

Mothers have to have a sense of humour and perspective - we get our rewards when our children leave home, have children of their own and become reviled in their turn . . . tee hee!

D... said...

LOL! You may have it now but I have a feeling you will have to pass it along to another mom at some point.

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