Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Haiku: Walls

Fledgling Poet suggested this prompt to One Single Impression this week. Quite pleased that she did. Make sure you read the offerings from her and the other real poets this week.

Covered Walls

Intentional or
happenstance matters not.
Nature always wins.

Mister Gorbachev,
beseeched by strutting old man,
"Tear down this wall."

[Photo by David Hobson courtesy of Guelph Mercury.]


Momisodes said...

Both are wonderful. Especially paired with this photo.


All Rileyed Up said...

These are awesome. I love the first one. You should totally enter that tea company's ongoing haiku contest. I'd like to be drinking a bottle of tea and then look at the label and say "hey! I know that poet. virtually speaking, at any rate."

D... said...

The picture complements your words perfectly. The especially enjoyed the first one.


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