Monday, June 1, 2009

Knock Knock

No Knots on These Skaters
Who's There?
Interrupting Cow.

We took the kids to the ice skating rink up north yesterday. And when I say "we," allow me to point out that I was in attendance, although I neither paid nor skated nor sat in the cold viewing stands nor really helped with the skates. It's in our parental contract that Pete handles all that. And he must maintain his sunny outlook and posh British accent as he does it. (See Codicil 42.)

While I was hanging out in the warm cafeteria, catching up on my reading and occasionally glancing up to see that the four of them were continuing their dizzying round-and-round-and-roundness, a kid attending a birthday party was brought off the ice with a huge knot on the back of his head. Clearly, he'd taken a hell of a knock. The thing was huge and growing.

His mother arrived after a few minutes and she spoke to the women surrounding the table, her son with a Snoopy Rink ice pack on his head, and a couple of employees with clipboards and forms. A woman came up and spoke to her as well, advising her to hurry to a hospital. The boy continued to sit there and cry. The mother continued to sit there and chat. The other party goers continued to act like hyped-up eight-year-olds at an adjoining table.

It turns out that the woman who came up and spoke to her was a stranger on her second go-round of trying to convince the lady to take the obviously injured boy to the hospital. She would go for a third attempt, ultimately being huffily rebuffed by the mother. For whatever reason -- and one I overheard the mother use was they were at a birthday party, for God's sake -- she was in no hurry to take the kid to the hospital.

I watched, stunned, for a good 25 minutes as it all unfolded before me. At the end of that time, all the kids went into the Snoopy birthday party room for cake and presents. The injured boy lasted about five minutes in there before his crying hysterics finally forced his mother to take him and leave.

I'd like to believe she took him to the hospital. But I doubt it. I think she almost didn't want to give that interrupting cow of a stranger the satisfaction. She'll show her. She'll show all of us who continued to sneak glances and make meaningful eye contact with rink employees and otherwise interfere with her obvious inability to raise her child.

[Photo from Snoopy's very own ice rink.]


Tricia said...

Wow! I'm stunned. Knocks to the head make me so nervous. Three years ago my mom almost died of a sub dermal hematoma, a bleed that doctors believe was brought on by a slight knock to the head....which happened two weeks BEFORE she realized anything was wrong. One day she simply collapsed right in front of us, and if she'd been alone, she would have died.

How can a parent ignore an obviously injured child and not seek help? Stunning, infuriating, saddening!

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Holy crap! Did she not read the headlines about Natasha Richardson?!?

Yeah. I think I would have knocked her in the back of the head and asked her how did that feel and obviously it hurt and if it hurt then her son was REALLY hurting and please get him to the hospital before more assault and battery takes place. 'Kay? Thanks.

OK. Maybe I wouldn't have done that. Maybe I would have fantasized about that.

Some people...

Tara R. said...

Absolutely amazing. Some parents are totally clueless.

Lori said...

Well, ya know, who wants to waste all that time waiting in the ER, and possibly lots of money, on something that might not be fatal? I mean, what are the chances that HER kid would DIE from this? Probably small, maybe one in a hundred? Sheesh.

Sian said...

I hate seeing crap parents actually being crap parents right in front of me. Makes me want to shake them til their teeth rattle.

D... said...

Holy Cow. How horrible.

Not on the same scale (head injuries are nothing to play around with), I broke my leg roller skating. My mother did not believe it was broken. A week later, she went out of town. I feel down on it & the principal had to call my grandparents. They promptly took me to the doctor and found out it was broken. My mom felt horrible.

Janet said...

Oy vey. Didn't she hear about Natasha Richardson????? What a horrible mother.
Oh, someone else already said that.


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