Thursday, June 4, 2009

Useless Information

He's telling me more and more/about some useless information/supposed to fire my imagination.*

Here's someone with too much anger in her life:

There are 90 kids in the fifth grade, with her daughter being one of them. The mother was in charge of fifth grade fundraising. They raised a lot of money this year, most of it being used to offset the kids' bills for their outdoor education experience. One way they raised money was to sell frozen fruit bars each Wednesday after school. [Don't call them "popsicles" because these were "healthier" alternatives which met state requirements. You think the fried junk they serve at lunch meets those requirements?]

On a number of occasions, she sent emails soliciting fifth grade students to sign up to help. The goal was to get everyone taking at least one shift. One parent had to be there to help the kids and the woman in charge. All told, you're talking 45 minutes of time one Wednesday during the entire school year.

The deadbeats numbered 22. Yeah, 22 kids didn't sign up to sell. Not even once. And lest you blame the parents as not signing up because they work or have other kids to look after or carpool or what have you: bullsh%t. Plenty of the kids were in those situations and yet did their part. Among the 22? Two officers of the student council. At least a dozen of those kids bought the stupid frozen fruit bars every week. Effers.

What totally frosts me? [Get it, eh? Frozen fruit bars frosting me?] Each kid in fifth grade got $50 knocked off their bills because we worked to raise the money. These 22 lazy-ass kids and their parents should not have benefited from it. Alas, we live in a PC world where everyone is a winner and hard work and achievement are rarely singled out lest we hurt some loser's feelings.

My world? Not so PC. They've got a fifth grade swim party next week. I'm going there. And I'm going to bring 68 frozen fruit bars to give away free to the kids who sold. But not one to a kid who didn't.

*Duh, it's Satisfaction from The Stones.


Gina said...

Your sense of justice and mine are exactly the same. I knew there was a reason I liked you so much!

Tara R. said...

There was some way these parents could have helped. That those student council members didn't is unacceptable.

Hope the 68 enjoy their frozen fruit bars.

D... said...

As a mother of a former Student Council member, I just have to say that the members not helping out is tacky. I always made sure that my son did his part to help the school. Luckily, he had the same sense of responsibility and gladly helped where/when needed.

Take a picture of their faces when they don't receive their frozen bars. I would love to see the reaction. Muahahahahaha.

Janet said...

Good for you!!!! I want pictures too. And I think that EVERYONE should be informed loudly and clearly WHY certain people got free bars and others didn't.

I dread school.

Anonymous said...

do your kids go to a private school? if not, it sounds like a pretty spiffy public one to be having grade-wide pool parties and expensive field trips. maybe *some* of the kids who didn't sell fruit bars had parents willing to pay the full price - they didn't decide to take $50 off everyone's fee.


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