Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Weekly Wonderings #111

1. Pete's "Preferred Subscriber Rate" for his Reader's Digest subscription, having been a subscriber for as long as I've known him, is $29.95 for one year. How "preferred" is that?

2. Going to their site and clicking the "Subscribe" button, I was offered a two-year subscription for $15.

3. What exactly does "Preferred" mean? Is it RD speak for "Stupidly Gullible?"

4. And, no, I'm not ashamed to say I read Reader's Digest and that I've read it ever since I was a kid and that my grandmother used to send me a gift subscription every year once I graduated from college.

5. Of course, Grandma also used to send me a $10 check for my birthday each year.

6. When I would visit her, I would hide ten times that amount somewhere in her house for her to stumble upon as "found" money.

7. Not literally "stumble upon," of course, as she was quiet old.

8. Just four more days of school left for the kids. Any odds on how long it takes before one of them complains, "There's nothing to do!"?

9. They'll only say it once, though, because you should see the chores list I'll whip out the first time I hear that or "I'm bored" uttered.

10. Oooooh, yeah, scrubbing the baseboards is so fun!


Lori said...

My dad got me RD subscription for years and years! Now, I get Prevention magazine instead. Guess it's time to learn how to take care of myself, since Laughter isn't always the Best Medicine...although it certainly does help.

Tara R. said...

My mom got be a subscription for Christmas last year. I love RD.

#6 on your list is awesome, love that idea too.

D... said...

My grandparents subscribed to Reader's Digest and I loved reading it. Not for the articles, but for all the witty little things people would send in.

We are on summer break now. I, too, have that chore list handy! And, yes, baseboards are on it. Muahahahaha!

musingwoman said...

My mom used to get me a Reader's Digest subscription each year but she stopped a while back. I kinda miss it.

jenica said...

i grew up on rd... in fact i'm beginning to wonder if we have the same grandmother, although that would make me the preferred grandchild seeing that i make $15 a birthday.


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