Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Weekly Wonderings #112

1. Shook down a bunch of mothers at the fifth grade pool party Tuesday. We raised money all year to pay for the kids' meals and outing, but we charged the parents $10 each for their meal.

2. You know how many didn't pay ahead of time, likely anticipating they'd be able to just sidle on in, nobody the wiser? More than 10.

3. Confronted, one at a time, seven coughed up the $10 each. The other four or so steered clear of the food tables.

4. Can I tell you how much I enjoyed shaking them down? So totally much. TOTALLY!

5. It was then that I realized it's time to let go. Clearly, I've too much in the self-righteousness department as I'm so into trying to "right wrongs."

6. How's about some non-angry wonderings? Daughter's BFF has been away from the elementary school for all of 16 months. I gave her a copy of the promotion video. Her mom's reaction? "Man, I can't get over how much those kids have changed in a year+! It's like when you watch the next Harry Potter movie and they've gotten all big and hairy."

7. No, none of the fifth graders sport visible hair growth aside from that on the top of their heads, but she's nailed it precisely.

8. Not angry, this, just curiosity. What makes someone send an email asking about where to drop off used printer cartridges and toners one hour before school lets out? For the school year?

9. For all the lengths people took to call the ceremony a "Promotion" and not a "Graduation," Daughter's event sure had all the trappings of a graduation: processional in, Pledge of Allegiance, speakers, handshakes with the principal while certificates were given out, photo opportunity, processional out.

10. Must be a duck, eh?

*Ancient proverb says "If it walks like a duck and swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, it must be a duck."


D... said...

It amazes me how many parents don't cough up the money, hoping to slide right on by. I see that at field trips a lot. Our pool party wasn't catered this year so we didn't have that worry.

When my daughter left elementary, they did have a graduation. They wore a cap, had the processional, valedictorian & salutatorian. All the trappings. Then the new principal said they were only supposed to have ONE graduation, so she stopped it.

My son's class, like your daughter's, had all the same stuff, minus the Pomp & Circumstance and the titles. But there were awards, handshakes, and a processional in & out. Hmmm....

Maggie May said...

we just did my son's graduation (promotion) and they did a good job of keeping it reasonably short and without excess, thank goodness

All Rileyed Up said...

It is a little awkward watching those Harry Potter kids keep growing. Reminds me of a blurb I read in Cosmo (or a Cosmo-like mag) shortly after Harry Potter and Order of the Phoenix came out, in an article about guilty pleasures, "It's okay if you think the boy in Harry Potter is cute now." My son's Kindergarten graduation is this Tuesday. They actually do call it a graduation.

Lori said...

Had the same type of thing for 8th grade. And a band playing pomp and circumstance. but they kept it short!


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