Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Weekly Wonderings #113

1. This first week of our summer staycation went by quickly. Youngest was in basketball camp three hours a day, ensuring everyone a minimum of 15 hours of peace this week.

2. I know, I know, I suck. If the poor kid had a better mother, he wouldn't be the way he is. Of course, if the poor kid had a better mother, he certainly wouldn't look anything like me.

3. Any of you force make have encourage your kids to do those bridging workbooks each summer? Mine start theirs on Monday. Youngest is eager. Daughter is compliant. Eldest is sullen.

4. Of course, Youngest is eager and Daughter is compliant, at least in part, to make Eldest more sullen.

5. I've created a new nickname for Daughter: Girlie Q. She adores it and wants to be addressed that way as opposed to any of my more "baby-like" monikers for her.

6. Eldest, of course, has decided to just call her Earl.

7. My paying of a neighbor girl to tend to the cat and fish whilst we were kamping last week has encouraged Daughter to make flyers and posters touting her own availability for small pet care.

8. Guess what we'll be posting and passing out to all our neighbors today in the 102 degree heat?

9. Not to be outdone, Youngest has created Lemonade stand posters. We'll be "renting" a neighbor's high-traffic corner yard for the stand. The posters note "Free crystals while they last."

10. The kids found some white rocks with shiny bits on a walk yesterday. They scooped them up, washed them off and intend to use them to lure people in. Life, you can't make this sh$t up.


Tara R. said...

I love that Eldest is calling Daughter Earl. That is hilarious.

I know if you daughter was close to us, I'd hire her to pet sit. A good sitter is really hard to find. Good luck to her in that endeavor.

mayberry said...

We have a workbook too. The kid says it's too easy, so she doesn't want to do it. The thing is, she's right. Now what?!

D... said...

Sigh, yes, I have a workbook. My son is sadly lacking in writing correct grammar spelling. Plus, he doesn't know how to write in cursive yet. He's an obstinate goat and his fighting me the whole way. Yet, daily, he pesters me to help with his 6th grade science packet that is due the first month of school.


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