Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wordy Wednesday #63

Mourning Dove

Isn't it ridiculous when mothers get all weepy about their children's milestones, particularly the manufactured ones? Hear the chorus cooing -- not unlike a mourning dove -- in agreement with me? Wait, that's not "Coo coo. Coo coo." That's "Boo hoo. Boo hoo." And that's no stinkin' chorus. That's me!

Daughter "graduates" from elementary school today. Up until three years ago, they called it "GRADUATION." [Yeah, it was in all caps, then, too.] They're downplaying it now, calling it "Promotion." Sadly, Hallmark and American Greetings haven't been given the updated playbook so Daughter will have to be happy with a Graduation card.

This photo was taken five years ago, after she had completed the painting of her mourning dove, a big-time kindergarten project that ended as soon as the teacher retired. None of the younger ones wanted to take that on, thank you very much. Cookie-cutter crafts from then on. But, oh, how proud the kids were of these birds. Eldest's and Daughter's both still hang from the ceilings, seemingly to spite poor Youngest, who never got the chance to make one of his own. [Such a third child.]

I'll miss having Daughter in elementary school, where she's nurtured and loved and allowed to be an odd duck -- or different little dove -- with little or no retribution from the packs of kids. Mostly, though, I'll miss her fine young self. But I'm betting she's going to be a fine older self.
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D... said...

She absolutely is going to be a fine older self. Just like my son who I'm about over. I think God invented summer vacations so we quit "mourning" over these milestones. Suddenly, I'm not so sad he's leaving me. Ha!

Anonymous said...

Just wait till she's about to begin High School! Charlotte starts in the fall, and she is still so petite that I can't help but worry, though she is all gung-ho for it to begin. Congrats to the elementary school grad, and hope all is well for all of the brood.
Your Florida Bro


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