Monday, July 13, 2009

Header, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

I fiddled around with a shot I took one day of the kids messing around on Ruby Red Rock*. We were hiking with el wonder mutto, and I was hoping to get a picture we could use to make something for Pete for Father's Day. The project sort of petered out. [Hee hee hee.]

But at least I got plenty of shots of them in their natural state: goofing off or arguing with each other or trying to make each other laugh or shouting at each other or pretending that they're feigning love for each other at my command but that they really hate each other.

That's what each day is about here, particularly during the summer days. Put the three together into the mix, and it's almost never peaceful. They are each constantly jostling each other to gain our attention. Without a doubt, Daughter prefers the positive attention. Eldest probably does, too. Some days, I think Youngest prefers the negative attention, the winning of the "demon spawn" title.

"Get closer to Youngest," I am likely telling Daughter.

She is likely adamant about not getting too close, asking, "Why can't I just sit next to Eldest? Why do I always have to be in the middle? Why do I have to be the middle child?"

"Do as she says, Earl," Eldest likely says to Daughter, propelling her closer to her object of disaffection.

"I'm behaving in this one instant, Mommy. Look at me," Youngest proudly says.


That is the story of the header and, interestingly, our life. And this Kodak moment was brought to you, in fact, by my cheap little Canon camera and the awesomeness that is Picnik.

*Don't try to Google the location. Youngest dubbed it that name, but it's just something we call it. It's not something you'd find on a map. [Wait a minute. I'll check.] Okay, I see you can find a Ruby Red Rock accent table from LampsPlus and Ruby Red Rock by Lefthand Originals Star Earrings on Etsy. You definitely can't find our hiking path. There. I saved you the trouble. I'm kind like that, yeah?


cjm said...

I love that shot. And that you say things like "el wonder mutto" and "el bloggo."

D... said...

An absolutely perfect picture. I love when those moments that perfectly show relationships are captured. And I love picnik.

Anonymous said...

i loved the header soo much !!

Jeni said...

That is a really neat photo showing all the little quirky things about siblings and their inner relationships.

mayberry said...

Love their expressions! (And love picnik; why did it take me so long to try it?!)

Mary Witzl said...

These are the kinds of photographs you want to have of your kids -- not the posed kind where they're wearing their best, behaving, and staring straight at the camera.

Not Afraid to Use It said...

I'm with Mary. Candid photos always bring out the best in kids. Great story behind the photo, too.

Sarahviz said...

And a lovely blog header it is.


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