Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Plan: Sunday Scribblings

Okay, I have got to include the prompt directions this week:

"One of the most iconic lines from television history has to be from the A-team when Hannibal says, 'I love it when a plan comes together!' Have you ever been able to say that? Do you have a Plan? Do you need a Plan? Have you had a plan fall spectacularly to pieces? This prompt isn't just small 'p' plan. This prompt takes it up a notch with a capital P. This prompt is: The Plan. What's yours?"

Seriously, Hannibal of the A-team? Where the hell was I when his line was becoming one of the most iconic in television history? A quick look at IMDB explains exactly where I was: not following any Plan with a capital P.

I was a newly freed college grad whose only Plan was to get the hell out of northern Virgina, where I had returned after graduating to take up a (brief) residence with my mother and her second husband. There wasn't a formal time limit on my stay. I lasted four weeks.

My Plan was to head out to northern California, help my father pack up his house for his move to Florida and then head down to San Diego where my younger brother was currently enrolled in school. My Plan was to find a job in San Diego and... Yeah, that was it. That was the extent of my Plan.

What happened instead was I met a guy on a bus at the Greyhound terminal in Chicago. He was going to the San Diego area for the summer before returning to Boston to finish up his last year of college. Good thing my Plan was so open as I would end up in Boston before the end of October.

I'm much older. I should have at least one Plan, with a capital P, right? I don't know about that. Seems like there's a greater chance of disappointment or failure if you put too much into Planning.


floreta said...

wait!! so is this guy your husband now?? ah i read your link but its to be continued! what a dreamy way to meet someone, regardless.

George S Batty said...

from san diego to boston. that's a big change of plans. sounds like it worked out. I have come to believe that the only thing that is planable is your vacations and sometimes those take a kick in the butt

Tumblewords: said...

I might have confused plans with dreams. :) Great post!

quin browne said...

i LOVE this. following dreams instead of plans.. it's how i ended up in new york city with two suitcases and a terrier.

Americanising Desi said...

follow dreams instead of plans, i think that ll be my new motto :)

The Bigger Plan

latree said...

I agree with you. too many plans will bring more dissapointment, when they don't work.
so lets just live an open plan, or shoul I say, just go with flow?

Janet said...

We plan. God laughs.
Life is what happens when you're making other plans.
Planning is overrated.

D... said...

The best laid plans of mice & men often go awry. I never plan. I have difficulties envisioning the future. It freaks me out.

Like you, I did have a semblance of a plan when I was a mere wisp of an 18 yr. old girl. Live with my dad for 6mths, establish my in state residency, go to college with my best friend. I met a boy instead. The plans went by the wayside. Oh well.

Dee Martin said...

Ditto Quinn, except Louisiana with a suitcase and a sewing machine :)


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