Monday, July 27, 2009

Thank You, Flo

Thank you, Flo, for marrying that scoundrel Bill.

Thank you, Flo, for having a baby boy with that scoundrel Bill.

Thank you, Flo, for raising that son of yours.

Thank you, Flo, for making sure your boy learned how to be a real man by encouraging his relationship with your brother Ken.

Thank you, Flo and Uncle Ken, for making Pete the man he is.

Happy birthday, Pete. I love you beyond.


Anonymous said...

Sweet! I love people who acknowledge those who have helped form a person. So much of who we are can be attributed to our past.

sarasophia said...

I love this post.
Poetic, gracious and lovely.

Makes me love Uncle Pete too.

I, in fact, had an Uncle Pete.
He was one of the best men I never really knew.

Stopping by from Blog Hop...please come by if you get the chance!

<3 sarasophia
And any comments to my Top Ten post would be SO much appreciated. I am attempting to win a partial sponsorship to Blogher '09! Thanks!

Beck said...

This post made me bawl. Flo sonds wonderful.

gudnuff said...

Great post. Yours is a blog where it seems simple and quick, and then I realize I have to read it again, and maybe again, and then I realize, OH, that's deep! How can you get so deep in such a small amount of prose? Barely enough prose to wet one's toes, and suddenly, I'm drowning in thought and emotion. (not a haiku, but almost poetic! a poetic tribute to your poetic use of language)

Lori said...

Tell Pete Happy Birthday from all of us down here in SJ. Very nice post

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Happy Birthday, Pete!


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