Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thinking: Haiku

One Single Impression puts out "thinking" this week, courtesy of Jim. I'm sure many have grander thoughts than me. How hard would that be?

As for me, I'm offering up two this week. The first speaks to those worries I'm prone to have: far-fetched and long-reaching ones about the kids. I really do need to accept Que Sera, Sera as my official personal motto. [Fat chance, that.]

The second is far lighter. The searing heat, the overly long days and the weight of summer air bring to mind past summers. Distant summers, really. Dangerous, they were, but oh what fun.

Striving to quiet
racing thoughts and fears and pain.
Hopes run unchallenged.

Long days of fire
conjure up the past within.
Youth is best misspent.

Now, go think good thoughts.


The Dark Lord said...

"Youth is best misspent"! thats sheer brilliance! Both the haikus were vivid and engaging to read.. The worries, albeit in different scopes, are the necessary evils that we all have to confront.. sometimes to our great, personal anguish.. As for the past summers spent.. I'm sure every single one of us harbour great memories from the summer days spent long back.. that we cherish for a lifetime!

anthonynorth said...

Both wise offerings. I like the 'misspent' one too.

Anonymous said...

Most of the things we worry about never happen. I can say that now that my daughter is 40 years old.

Two very good poems.

Momisodes said...

That last line is so perfect. I couldn't have imagined or put it any better in words.

Patti said...

Both were excellently done and both are so true!!! Who doesn't have dangerously fun memories-such rites of passage~

gabrielle said...

Love the current of hope that flows beneath the worry. And oh yes! the wildness that summer conjures. Brilliant both!

latree said...

I think it's okay to have either one..

D... said...

I need to adapt Que Sera, Sera, myself. Like you, fat chance. But I'm getting ridiculous.


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