Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Weekly Wonderings #114

1. I know there are just far too many ways to waste one's time on Facebook. I've not been sucked in. And you can be pretty damn sure that I'm not going to be sucked into FamilyLink's latest plea: "At We're Related, we know pets represent an important place in families. Now, we have made it easy for you to add your pet to your family tree."

2. You're kidding, right? I'm going to start updating the status of Corrie the Wonder Mutt and my ferally odd cat Ruby?

3. "A two-bagger of poop from Corrie at the field today."

4. "Dumbass cat started meowing for food at 5:04 a.m. again."

5. Betcha they'd have more followers than I do.

6. Anyone who obsessively watches my tweets knows we're big fans of the county fair, particularly its fireworks displays every night. What's not to like about five nights of big booms and rockets and oooooohs and ahhhhhhhs?

7. Last night, having given into the need to use one of the porta potties, I wondered, "How much protection does one little sheet of toilet seat cover give one's behind on the evening of the third night of the fair?"

8. And, hey, what if the cell phone fell in? What's the cost benefit analysis for retrieving it? If it's one of those free-with-family-plans, do you let it rot in the pot? I don't think I'd retrieve my LG Rumor. But would I retrieve an iPhone?

9. Clearly, this post has gone to sh$t.

10. One other random thought whilst walking amidst the crowd last night: do rich people attend events with huge crowds like fireworks displays? Do they if they have kids?


Lori said...

you have outdone yourself on this post. It was really crappy.

D... said...

LOL @ #9.

I received a notice for #1, too. I declined. There is no way I'm adding my 5 pets. Really. Who would care other than my little family of 4 and we live it daily with them.

Maddy said...

All far too difficult to ponder and yes Facebook is still mysterious as far as I'm concerned.


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