Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Weekly Wonderings #115

1. Want to know why I don't go onto Facebook much? People send each other drinks. I'm sorry, but I want to actually drink a 7-and-7, not just receive one via some weird-ass app.

2. Doing a mystery shop this week, I'm doing my restroom check. As I'm drying my hands in one of those blowers, a woman enters, chatting on her cell phone.

3. Yes, she entered the restroom, entered the stall, pulled down her pants (presumably), peed, wiped (presumably), pulled her pants back up (presumably), and exited the stall again. On the phone the entire time.

4. For my part, I kept hitting reset on the dryer, making it so obnoxiously loud in there that she practically had to scream her side of the conversation.

5. I don't know what she was saying, though. She was speaking in Spanish.

6. I don't know what she was saying except I did recognize the few Spanish curse words I know.

7. Daughter -- whom I now officially call "Girly Q" at home and whom Eldest now refers to as "Earl" -- was taking tennis lessons this week. It's a sight to behold, children learning a new skill.

8. With five one-hour lessons under her belt, Girly Q is now officially a more proficient tennis player than me.

9. My experience with tennis? At 23, playing with a former boyfriend and ultimately picking up the tennis balls and throwing them at him.

10. Thankfully, I was a better baseball player and nailed him good.


Tara R. said...

Wonder how the person on the other end of the conversation would like knowing she was in the bathroom. Ewwww! I love the hand dryer tactic though, priceless.

Maggie May said...

Your number one cracked me UP

D... said...

I can't stand all those gift apps on Facebook. Annoying!

Another thing that's annoying. People who use their cellphones in the restroom. ARGH! Seriously? Thank you for doing your part by making it obnoxiously loud in there.

Tennis & I don't mix. Neither do basebally & me. Neither does *any* sport and me. ;)

Janet said...

At my grandfather's funeral I entered the restroom of the church to hear a woman talking in the stall. I thought, "How sad, the person she was talking to left without telling her."
Then I realized she was on her phone.
Please God, do not EVER call me when you're on the potty.

I have started hitting the "ignore" button with great glee.

A friend tried to teach me tennis about 15 years ago. Bought me a racket and everything. Too damn much running.


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