Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Weekly Wonderings #117

1. In order to feel as if I'm actually accomplishing things each day, I should add regular tasks to my to do list each day.

2. Before 9:30 a.m. Friday, I had made beds (not my own because Pete does that), walked the dog, done a load of wash and browned the chops to put in the slow cooker for dinner.

3. I'm thinking of having a bracelet made that says something along the lines of "You're Here For Them" so when I feel like throttling one of them, I have that gentle reminder.

4. You know, something along the "LiveStrong" Lance Armstrong bracelets.

5. Anybody gotta better saying? And I call dibs on the trademark.

6. School starts up in just under four weeks now. I try not to happy dance around the kids too much.

7. I know time switches to hyper-speed for the adult once she has a kid (or two or three), but I swear the kids can't possibly believe how quickly the summer is going by.

8. Particularly when they've done "nothing" this summer.

9. Did I mention Eldest hitched a ride down to Disneyland and Universal with his friend's family? "But that was only four days."

10. Time for me to get the kids up and continue my performance as worst mother ever.


Anonymous said...

LOL at being "worst mom ever". At times it can indeed feel like a thankless job. But just wait until they're grown and share stories of their memories from those "boring" summertimes spent at home when "nothing fun" ever happened. :-)

Lori said...

Sorry but I've already claimed the worst mother ever moniker. Wanna fight for it?

Maggie May said...

nope, I"M the worst mother.

Jocelyn said...

No, really, read RUNNING WITH SCISSORS if you want to witness the worst mother ever. You're run-of-the-mill human, babes.

For that bracelet? Don't go cute. Maybe: "Don't kill them now, for, if you can just get through these dumbass years, they may support you in your old age" instead.


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