Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wordy Wednesday #67: Where's Waldo?

I'm a big Freecycler. Or at least I want to be a big Freecycler. I joined the local group about 18 months ago, looking to score computer equipment for the lab at the kids' elementary school. I managed to get a few odds and ends. Nothing to write home about. [Or write a blog post about.]

I've gotten rid of my fair share of decent items. Although I'm sure, karmically speaking, it's good that I gave things away, I kind of regret not starting to sell on eBay earlier. Damn, I could have made a bundle.

But, karmically speaking, as I'm seeking things for free, I've got to be putting free things out there. My most recent haul was what you see above. It was part of a big box of artistic supplies. Lots of good stuff in there, including easily 50 bucks worth of Sculpey, the love of my life. Also beads and expensive paints and quality brushes and how-to books of an artistic bent.

But why do I get the feeling that I got the junk drawer special, too? Is it the packets of Sweet N Low or the Tums or the Advil or Pepto-Bismol or plastic spoon or Canadian coins that make me feel that way? [My apologies to my Canadian bloggy friends. Of course, your coinage is valuable. Just not as valuable to a dumb American far from your fine, fine borders.]

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Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Wow, yeah. I'm thinking it was definitely a mixed bag. But, hey! Sweet 'n Low!

OK. Never mind...

Jocelyn said...

Can you do a "giveaway" contest for your Canadian readers? 'Cuz it wouldn't be at all expensive to mail a bunch of coines to them. It wouldn't--at all--cost more to mail them than they're worth.

I'm a Freecycle troller, too. We got an electric organ from a church, I kid you not. I play it when we need spooky house noises.

Janet said...

oh god what a haul!!!!! I've joined our local Freecycle group, but so far the only requests have been for animal cages and I REALLY don't want to know what those people are going to do with those.


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