Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wordy Wednesday #68: Biker Boy

Girls always fall for those bad-ass bikers, eh? Particularly when they wear such awesome helmets, decorated last year for some Crazy Helmet Day at school. At least we can never miss him in a crowd.

So how's that bike riding going, you wonder? Well, he keeps repeating the mantra, "Balance and Steer. Balance and Steer. Balance and Steer." He has those down pretty good. In fact, he's a great bike rider. He's just not such a good bike braker. I posted his last ride of the day, down at the school Sunday, on
YouTube. Don't worry, no knees were skinned in the filming of this clip.

[Edited to add: Uh, yeah, about those pictures? They were there before. I've reloaded them on Thursday, but I'm so not re-titling this post.]


Jocelyn said...

My six-year-old, who his holding to a firm plan of Bike Avoidance this summer, needs to watch that video...for inspiration!

Tara R. said...

When my son first learned to ride a bike, his did not have handle brakes. He had to back pedal. He couldn't quite get the hang of it. To stop he either just jumped off or rode into the neighbors blueberry bush, neither a good option, but both very effective.

Lori said...

If he never learns how to brake, then I suppose Pete will be able to run a marathon eventually, as he will forever be jogging next to the boy.

D... said...

My son refuses to learn. REFUSES. Stubborn old goat. I'm showing him the video. Not that I think it'll shame him into learning, but you never know!

Pete has some quick reflexes! I probably wouldn't have reacted until he hit the building. Hee!


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