Saturday, August 1, 2009

Anticipate: Sunday Scribblings

"Don't wish your life away."

It's something my mother always said to me. I think it comes in the Mother's Handbook. [I'm only sorry that I left my copy at the hospital on the day I took my first born home. Who knew I'd never be able to get my hands on another copy? Poor kids.]

"Anticipate," Sunday Scribblings offers up this week. "What are you looking forward to, for better or worse?"

I don't associate the word "anticipate" with anything negative, only positive. The anticipation on Christmas Eve. The night before your wedding. The days leading up to a child's birthday. The grand opening of a candy store right on the main street in your town. The build-up to going to visit your family for an extended vacation.

That's anticipation. That's excitement. That's the SQUEEEEEEE feeling you get.

As for me? I'm an Eeyore. I don't anticipate. I dread. Surrounded by Pollyannas, I squawk, "Polly is going to choke on a cracker." I fixate on the child getting another year older. On the letdown Christmas morning often brings to an excited kid. On the loss of another summer to a new school year. On the plane inevitably crashing before reaching its vacation destination.

Screw Kilroy. Killjoy is here.


Jennifer Hicks said...

there's something to be said for taking precautions because of your long as it doesn't paralyze you!

gautami tripathy said...

I too think of anticipate as a positive word!

white curtains bellow from open window

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Tara R. said...

Unfortunately most of what I'm looking to is not anticipation of a positive, but the dread of a negative.

I don't want to be an Eeyore, but I have little to be excited about lately. *sigh*

Dee Martin said...

Kilroys and killjoys - they seem to come in cycles don't they? The good thing is that as long as you remember it's a cycle you can tell killjoy to shut up - killroy is on the way! :)

I lost that mother's handbook too - reckon it skipped a generation.

Anne said...

I tend to be the same way. I try to think of the positive, but I am always worried the worst will happen. Sometimes I wish I could be more upbeat.

quin browne said...

i am a hopeful pessimist.

it's a good life.

George S Batty said...

Old Grizz likes to anticipate the good. to much worry is not good

Laurel said...

oh the responsibility of getting old. its a bugger for sure.

Janet said...

Christmas night was always the worst, after everything was over.
From one Eeyore to another. I tend to dread rather than anticipate as well, today being a prime example.


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