Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ocean: Haiku

A wonderful time spent traveling back in time, thanks to the word "ocean" on One Single Impression's site this week.

I am 9 and I live in Hawaii and I am drowning. I don't drown.

I am 11 and I am on a towel on the beach we call "Tracks" and I am imagining being all by myself on a deserted island. I never find the island.

I am 19 and in love and driving to catch the sunrise on the Jersey shore with the man I swear I will follow anywhere. I don't follow him for much longer.

I am 35 and about to become pregnant in two days and am driving to catch a sunset over a beach in Mexico with a different man I swear I will follow anywhere. I am still following him.

I am 38 and have two babies, one of whom I swing on the beach on my wedding day, and lose my wedding ring which has only been on my hand for mere hours and I will never find it. I do.

Time travelling. Thank you, OSI.

Feeling the rhythm
of perpetual motion.
Heartbeat and waves one.


gautami tripathy said...

So true.

Loved the photo.

ravens chase out thoughts from the mind

Bobbie said...

Lovely...and depth. Wonderful writing!

anthonynorth said...

Deep felt memories, there.

Jim said...

Those kids keep you young! I tracked you most of the way through this. My episodics were a little different but similar in time and dreams which I didn't measure up to.
You wrote all this so precisely yet concise. I'd like to that but I amble.
--> I lived when a teen and wanted to die
--> dropped out of college
--> married young, lost wedding ring. I didn't care and was divorced a couple of years later
--> remaried--had a child at age 40--she kept us young--made me grandpa again last month
--> etc
Best wishes with living the rest of your life. Life is hard but it can be enjoyed. I mostly 'roll with the punches,' seems you do too.
Jim's Little Blog with new Grand daughter pictures

Tammie Lee said...

your tale supports your poem so well. I love having they history that inspired this. Wonderful.

Momisodes said...

So beautifully told.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

I just loved all those memories! Made me think of all the times I've been chasing down the sun on my beach outings.

Tumblewords: said...

Terrific tale - the haiku rocks!

Anonymous said...

Great haiku and story.
The kids look full of beans, yours or you and your sibs?

SandyCarlson said...

I enjoy the backstories you bring to your poems. Thanks for this gem.

Anonymous said...

This was such a pleasure to read. I felt myself getting misty eyed and all squishy inside.

Just lovely!

gabrielle said...

Yes you do find it. Beautiful!


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