Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Weekly Wonderings #118

1. You know how I read the trustee's sales notices in the local rag all the time? It's how I found out one of the vice presidents at the San Francisco Chronicle was being foreclosed upon. It's how I found out the same thing was happening with others I know.

2. Other legal notices include name changes. I giggle at some of them. I can't help it. You really want people to call you that?

3. Another type of legal notices is the "Aviso! You are Being Sued" one. I had seen quite a few about people who had been suing someone and an entity called "Does 1-10." I figured it was some sort of fitness club. Sounds like it, yeah?

4. Imagine how red in the face I was just the other day when it finally dawned on me, duh! That's the plural of Doe -- as in Jane Doe or John Doe -- not the word "does."

5. And now I am outing myself to all of the Internets.

6. To know me is to ridicule me.

7. Memo to self: before Girly Q's 12th birthday party next year, remember the noise and chaos of her 11th birthday bash.

8. And remember that you're telling yourself to remember before the "real" party at the Snoopy rink takes place.

9. Her pre-parties are oftentimes harder than her real parties.

10. I am a major bitch most of my children's lives. For their birthdays, I give them whatever they want, hopeful that they'll remember those days and not each and every day.


Tara R. said...

I'll out myself too... I wouldn't have picked on the plural of Doe either.

Joe @ IrrationalDad said...

Pre-parties? I never had a pre-party. Lame!

I would have thought the same thing about "Does". I hate those moments when something just hits you days or weeks after the fact.

Maddy said...

I did know the does but it would be a little sad for an unpracticed lawyer not to really.

I've never had a pre-party for any of mine. I did not know that a pre-party existed so I think I slip down to the bottom of the class.


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