Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Weekly Wonderings #120

1. Dude, I get that you're young and cool and can't spend too many brain cells spelling things out, being so used to texting and all, but do you want to spend a bit more time composing your Freecycle request?

2. The title? Wanted amplifier for collage kids first hose.

3. The body of the request? Im looking for an amplifier for me to set up my first living room. headed out of hear on the the 15th.

4. Who's guessing he's not going to be an English major?

5. Who's hoping he's not going to be an Education major?

6. Random observation: when there are seven sets of people waiting in line at the water log ride behind you and your two kids, are you seriously going to let those kids ride individually rather than together?

7. And then get on the ride yourself alone? WTF?

8. Someone with whom I have had a casual relationship for six years -- ever since our daughters were in kindergarten together -- can't be bothered to remember that it is Patty-with-a-"y"-not-with-an-"i."

9. This frosts my butt for precisely what reason? The fact that I remember to add a frickin "e" to the end of the traditionally spelled name that she has.

10. No more, that. From now on, she's just plain...crap, does she read this damn thing? Think Mrs. Brady. And Christmas songs. [Do you think that tricked her? Oh well, if it doesn't, at least she won't eff up my name any more.]

That's Not My Name


Tara R. said...

I still have people who have known me for years mispronounce my name. At some point I figure it's a waste of effort to correct them. Meh.

The add wuz hi-larius.

Who's guessing he wasn't a high school graduate.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, I wouldn't be surprised if he is a high school grad and is planning to major in English in college. It seems kids aren't taught spelling these days. Back in the dinosaur days teachers were strict about everything that was turned in being spelled correctly. Now they "don't want to stifle their creativity". Ok, but how about their ability to land and hold a job a few years down the road. I can't tell you how many job applications and resumes I've seen that look exactly like your Freecycle poster's add. SIGH

I have a real thing about people that can't learn to spell names correctly too. I think it's insulting. If you know someone, make the effort to get it right!

amylou1977 said...

assessment testing should put him in basic writing. most classes I have taken have a writing proficiency

Jeni said...

Way back in the dark ages when I was in grade school, spelling was definitely a big deal! Spelling bees, too. My kids did have spelling but no emphasis at all by then on the spelling bees -which I missed them not having them. Back then, my classmates just called me "Jen" but in high school, I started going by Jennie or Jenny (not that picky about the spelling then) -kind of in recognition of my grandmother for whom I was named. (actually her name was Janet, mine is Jennifer but everyone called her Jennie.) A friend of mine later suggested if Luci Baines Johnson could sign her name with an "i" instead of a "y" then I could too and so I did. Only time I got really irritated about misuse/spelling of my name was when I was waitressing and one trucker -who stopped almost daily -insisted on calling me Jean. And some of the drivers I was good friends with picked up on that I didn't like this so they used to rag me and call me "Jean" then. Arrgh!
The spelling thing though really hit me when I went to college -an old fart amongst the youngsters ya know as I was 46 and most of my classmates were late teens, early 20s and frankly, I was appalled at their atrocious spelling -especially in the required -for credit -English classes! Even general grammar seems to be a long-lost -or forgotten art form. Maybe it's becoming the new Latin -a dead thing, ya know. And as a manager in my employment -egads, the spelling/grammar there was beyond belief -people couldn't even spell the street names or towns where they live correctly! Amazing, huh?

D... said...

I totally get the name thing. I spell my daughter's name non-traditionally and it irks me that close friends of mine don't get it right. The kicker? Their paternal grandmother has suddenly started spelling my son's name wrong. Yeah, I get your frustration.


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