Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Weekly Wonderings #121

1. If you've volunteered to update the soccer schedule, you might want to "invest" in a new email address.

2. 'Cause getting emails saying SugarCookie59 updated the schedule makes me think odd things about you.

3. Love, SnickerdoodleGirl.

4. I'm not sure if the former principal of the elementary school hated me or the second grade teacher.

5. If it was me she hated, she hid her feelings very well. I didn't realize the hatred that existed until I saw that Youngest has been put in the class with the two worstest of the worstest boys.

6. How bad is one of them? Someone has said she will have to preemptively kill him when he's about 9 or 10 to protect the future inhabitants of our fair planet.

7. I will henceforth call him "Ted."

Imagine Ted as a 7-year-old
8. Speaking of evilness, my mind is still spinning with the news of Jaycee being found after all these years at the hands of Phillip Garrido and his wife.

9. Try as I might, I can't help imagining losing my own 11-year-old Daughter.

10. It hurts to pray for Jaycee and her daughters and her family when at the same time I am wishing the Garridos burn in hell.

[Ted Bundy photo lifted from Wikipedia.]


D... said...

8,9,10 are so painful and so true. Monsters, the 2 of them.

Tara R. said...

Those last three, yeah, evilness is too kind a word for Garrido.

SnickerdoodleGirl is the prefect email moniker.


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