Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wordy Wednesday #74: Lowlife at High Tea

See this lovely woman?

Havin' Wai's Baby
Her name is Olivia. She is my Daughter's Che-Che. She is as much my Daughter's "Big Sister" as anyone could ever be. Olivia is the daughter of Maria, the woman I credit with raising my children. I still refer to Maria as their "real mother," even lo these many years after she has cared for them.

Were Pete and I to die in the fiery wreckage of a 10-car pile-up on 101 North on our annual date, Maria and her husband Lucas would raise our children. ["Annual" as in, yeah, that's about as frequently as we go out on a date. No sh$t.]

Anywho, Daughter and I attended Che-Che's baby shower this weekend. [OMG! Little oLi is having a baby? Why, I remember when she was collecting Hello Kitty trinkets. Oh, wait, I think she still does.]

Can you believe I'd never "done" tea before?

Yeah, I can believe it, too.

But I'm no longer a tea room virgin. Nor is Daughter. [Crap. What searchers are going to find their freakin' way here? Shoo, freaks. Shoo.]

Is it any wonder I've never been?

Cross-eyed P
[Images swiped from oLi's FB page. Hey, at least I've forked over credit.]


Anonymous said...

You clean up real good there, Patty.


Anonymous said...

You and Pete aren't going to die -- in a fiery car crash or any other way -- for a long, long time. But, no matter what, I am taking the kids. Tom's on board. Change your Will.

Tyne said...

Fancy Tea Party! Maybe your husband can take you out for high tea now that you have it down!

D... said...

Awww, everyone looks very lovely and perfect for Fancy Tea! :)

Lori said...

That's can;t be YOU in that picture. Donning a dress? With flowers on it?? I'm printing that one for my scrap book.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Did you drink the tea with your pinky finger raised? Hmmmm?


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