Friday, September 11, 2009

Good Thoughts, Blah, Blah, Blah

I'm at the pharmacy yesterday, in a self-induced panic about getting everything done before I head to the airport. An old man, cane and all, enters the store 10 feet ahead of me. He has that look about him. You know the look, right? The "I-need-a-prescription-and-noon-sounds-like-a-fine-time-to-get-it" look.

I surreptitiously pass him, hurrying down the side aisle to get to the prescription line just in front of him. Recovering Catholic guilt overcomes me and I gesture (grandly) for him to go in front of me. I mean, I had outrun him fair and square.

But he didn't know it was a race.

And I didn't have a cane.

He greets Robin with a, "Good afternoon, Joan. How are you?"

In my head, I think, "Frick. He's going to be slower than even I suspected."

I've got five minutes, tops, to spare before I'll be late to my yard duty shift. And I have no other five minutes to spare because I'll be leaving after yard duty to head to the airport.

He then wanders over to the real Joan and starts asking about what to take for a "violent" allergic reaction.

"Violent," I think. "I'll show you violent."

It is at that moment, stewing in line while the old man takes up both Robin's and Joan's time, that I decide I need to get a freakin' grip with my unbelievable lack of patience. And I decide right then to give in to situations that MIGHT make me late but will certainly make me fume. But instead of fuming, I will focus on breathing and recognizing karma and putting out good acts and good thoughts in hopes of getting same back.

Eight hours later, I am seated in the row with seats that do not recline. My seat mate and I chat with the folks in front of us, joking about the fact that we would prefer that they not put their heads in our laps for the overnight flight. Ha ha ha.

The one in front of my seatmate puts his back slightly. The one in front of the center also only goes back slightly. The one in front of me puts her seat all the way back.

I tap on the seat the entire flight and I position my fan so it blows directly on her head.

Screw good thoughts, you bitch.


Tara R. said...

I'm a fume-er too. The chit-chatting senior would have made me crazy.

One reason I hate to fly is inconsiderate recliners. I prolly would have had to say something. You are a nicer person than I am.

D... said...

Oooo. Inconsiderate people annoy me so.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Hee hee! No doubt. And I try to be positive, but I was born to be a "glass half empty" girl.

Not Afraid to Use It said...

Awesome! I think the tapping was damned well justified.


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