Friday, September 4, 2009

I'm Gonna Respectfully Disagree

It's been freakin' weird at Youngest's elementary school of late. An odd man harassing a mother and her kindergartner. Emergency vehicles blocking the only access to the school and causing chaos. I sure don't want to be caught saying, "What next?" because we all know what happens then. [Armageddon, of course. Or lice. Pick one.]

The he part of the s/he interim co-principal spent time talking at yesterday's PTA meeting. He said a few things that completely rubbed me the wrong way, causing me to believe he is either woefully misinformed, incredibly naive or a speaker of mistruths.

One thing in particular I couldn't let stand. He told the 30 people there to let him -- and him alone -- work toward getting the city to tend to an access issue. He said he'd heard people were going to contact the city on their own. He said he'd heard someone was talking about starting a petition. He didn't think that should happen. He asked us to leave it to him.

And that was enough for me. "I'm going to have to respectfully disagree with you on this. I see nothing wrong with many voices being heard on this. I believe that will get the problem fixed much more quickly. Letters to the newspaper and emails to the City Council -- and, yeah, even a petition -- the more pressure, the better."

He argued the point and refused to budge. I did my own arguing back and also refused to budge.

He gets to talk to his fellow interim co-principal about the crazy banshee of a mother. He gets to tell her how I even went up after the meeting to pound on him about his use of the term "orderly" to describe the previous days event and how I said it would be a mistake to describe it like that because anyone who was there would think he didn't know diddly.

I tweeted this yesterday:

"It's official: I am the stereotypical PTA banshee. Wow! First, I'd like to thank the interim co-principal."

I can't adequately describe how pissed I am that some half-time short-termer would stand up and tell a democratic gathering that they shouldn't use their freedom of speech. I tell you, I'm seeing blue. [Blue, of course, being my new red.]

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Tara R. said...

Sounds like he double-dog dared you to speak your mind. I have a feeling how this will end.

Jomama said...

I wonder what his rationale the city is going to punish the school for having rowdy parents who speak up? How strange!


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