Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Meet My Daughter, a Poet

One of her first big assignments in middle school is from her English class: read a book of poetry and describe it in a letter to a friend or illustrate some poems or write six poems in the same vein as the poet's own work.

Daughter surprised me with her choice: a book of poetry written by a well known African-American poet named Langston Hughes. She was drawn to it, I'm sure, by the poem that gives the collection its name: The Dream Keeper.

We're reading the poetry. She is putting up with me trying to stop her from just plowing through it. Instead, she's letting me read it aloud, placing emphasis where I interpret it should be, and posing questions designed to make her feel it, think it, ground it.

I don't know which path she'll take with the assignment. But I want to share one moment.

Closing her eyes while I was reading some of the poems to her, she said, "Wait. I've got one. Wait."

I waited. And she said:

There’s someone I really like.
Actually, she’s one I love.
She’s my mom.
She’s like an angel from above.

That's my dream keeper, that Daughter of mine.


"Sunshine" said...

Wow--that's cool. Being an English instructor, I must say I was really excited to read this post. I like your daughter's poem--hopefully she'll write more.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Um, wow. She's just full of awesome.

D... said...

Sniff. That is so cool. And how loved you are!!


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