Thursday, September 24, 2009

Those Who Can't Teach...Become Co-interim Principals

The kicks don't stop coming around these here parts. Stupid effin' co-interim principals at the elementary school have stepped in it again. The latest? A registered sex offender was picked up at the park next door to the school yesterday. The police department contacted the school district. The superintendent issued a description of the incident with an instruction to pass it along to all parents. That edict went out from the superintendent at 11:27 a.m.

Our effin' co-interim principals didn't pass it along to parents until three minutes before school let out.

Go look through the last few weeks on this blog at this post. And this post. And this post. Oh, and this one.


This is the email I sent to the superintendent as soon as I arrived home this afternoon, after having stopped every single person in and around the park to tell them about the incident and the utter lack of response from the interim co-principals.


I am a parent of children at DISTRICT, including a second grader at ELEMENTARY and a sixth grader and seventh grader at MIDDLE. We have met in the past, originally when I worked with FORMER PRINCIPAL on ELEMENTARY'S California Distinguished School award. I am also an "employee" of DISTRICT. (I am a yard duty supervisor for all of 3.25 hours per week at ELEMENTARY.)

I am writing today because I have grave concerns about the performance of the ELEMENTARY interim co-principals when it comes to caring for the safety of my child and for all of the children at ELEMENTARY. I was prompted to write to you today because of the latest incident at PARK with the sex offender. But there have been other issues, including:

1. Not sharing information with parents regarding the type of vehicle driven by the man involved in the incident on August 28. What I found particularly galling about that was that your email to DISTRICT principals included a description of the vehicle and principals forwarded that information onto staff. So it was all right for staff to know what kind of vehicle but not parents?

2. Telling the parents assembled at the first PTA meeting of the year that they should not contact the city to ask for a gate to be installed at the parking lot/dead end of STREET but instead leave it to the interim co-principals to go through the chain of command. (This followed the street closure on September 2.) I stood up, saying "I'm going to have to respectfully disagree..." There's no such thing as chain of command, in my mind, when there's an emergency.

3. It is my understanding that when that same man from August 28 showed up again at kindergarten drop-off/pick-up on September 16 and the mother involved went directly to the interim co-principal, she was told the school is public property and the man had every right to be there. Excuse me? It is definitely not public property or am I lying to strangers when they show up on campus during recess and tell them they are not allowed to be there?

4. At 1:45 today, in the midst of the PTA meeting, I received a call from MIDDLE PRINCIPAL asking me to send out an urgent communique from you to the parents at MIDDLE. (I handle all of the MIDDLE eNews special editions and help in other ways at MIDDLE.) She explained what it was, and I said I would leave the meeting right away to take care of sending it out to parents. I approached the ELEMENTARY interim co-principal in the meeting and asked if he was aware of the situation. His response, verbatim, was, "I can't be in two places at once." Dr. SUPERINTENDENT, that is the wrong answer. Your email went out at 11:27 a.m. It is reprehensible that ELEMENTARY failed to send out information until 2:47 p.m., moments before school let out. I believe hard copies were distributed in some classrooms. I'm sure that was helpful to the parents who received them after meeting their children at PARK.

I would very much appreciate hearing your thoughts on this. I'd like to be proven unreasonable on this. I know many parents feel the same.

I have got to wonder: can this possibly have a happy ending? And, frankly, I'm wondering if it's the season for freaks or do they feel emboldened since Philip Garrido got away with it for so long.


spacedlaw said...

Reminds me of the principal at my junior high school who would not even call the cops when bullies with blade would racket the kids just outside the gates because it was outside and therefore not his business...
Lack of balls. That what it is.

D... said...

Please let us know the response you receive from the superintendent.

This co-interim principal has got to go. I agree with spacedlaw, lack of balls. And that's what the position requires. Balls.

Not Afraid to Use It said...

That is is just unacceptable. I hope your letter rattles a few cages.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Put a stamp on that puppy and mail it! You go, girl. Give 'em hell. I think you should have a blogger protest. We can all come out there and help you kick butt. Seriously.

Michele R said...

Many of the assistant principals I have seen are not parents. Just much schooling to get the degree. Surely some of the teachers at that school are also parents of students in said school. You go get em. I wish more parents around here would go to county type meetings and be heard.

Janet said...

This is appalling. We had a similar (though not as serious) incident the other day. Apparently the school officials didn't want to let parents know of a confirmed case of H1N1. Fortunately wiser heads prevailed.

Laura Marchant said...

Wow, did you ever get a response?

Maureen Fitzgerald said...

I'd add a cc to a local newspaper reporter - that should give the super a heart attack!


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