Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Weekly Wonderings #122

1. File under blodder: I found a fancy-schmancy, namby-pamby backpack at the unused high school field Friday morning whilst walking the mutton-head. Upon further inspection, I discovered a wallet.

2. Me being me, I immediately opened it to see if I just scored some cash to see if there was an identification so I could get a reward return it to its rightful owner.

3. No cash, but plenty of identification of the driver's license variety, library and health plan.

4. Did I track down the owner? Nope. I took it to the police station so they could return it, pretty much ensuring no reward for me.

5. And why did I take that route? Maybe it was the drug paraphernalia in the backpack. Or maybe it was the fact that the guy had a public defender's business card in the wallet.

6. Sometimes, it's not worth meeting people.

7. It's been cuckoo-town at the school. I'm thinking of starting a pool on what bizarre event will happen next.

8. I'm not sure how to set the odds, though. Do you think there's a better chance our interim co-principals will be replaced within two months by a permanent principal or that the custodian will win the SuperLotto?

9. That the second graders will win the Dodgeball World Championship or that they'll fix the access to our school by the end of the school year?

10. That we'll be shut down by a swine flu outbreak or by a lice outbreak?


Chris said...

I love #6. Especially after reading #5.

Tara R. said...

yeah, returning the backpack was prolly a no-win situation. Maybe muttonhead is a secret agent drug dog?

D... said...

Right on with #6!

You are having a crazy school year. Reading about yours *almost* makes me feel better about mine.


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