Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The When Pills Aren't Enough Sessions

Feeling constrained by what you can -- and, more importantly, cannot -- say on your blog? Danielle-Lee of A Little Left of Lost has the answer. She's got some semi-anonymous round robin rantings going on.

Find out more at her site. But, first, read this post by a guest. A guest who shall remain, ahem, anonymous. [That, of course, being the point.]

* * *


Instead of standing in judgement of everybody else why don't you take a long hard look at yourself. When your hubby went to the movies and never returned I was the only one who was there for you. I listened to you on the phone at 2am, I lent you money when you were desperate, I looked after your little girl when you desperately needed some time out, I gave of myself to you freely and I helped you as best as I could. I asked you for nothing in return. Now that you are back with your hubby you are doing everything to end the friendships that I have with others, you leave nasty remarks on my blog (which you found by googling my kid's nicknames)and you treat me like crap. Well, before you stand in judgement of me why don't you look at yourself. You are the one that is miserably married, you are the one that is morbidly obese and you are the one that is addicted to anti-depressants. I am living my dream, I am reaching my goals, I am going and doing all the things I've wanted to do. I know I am strong and all the chaos you create around me only makes my relationship with my hubby stronger, it makes me more determined to never ever let you get to me. I am doing this post not because I'm a gutless wonder and I can't confront you, I'm doing this because I know I am a better person than to willfully hurt you and rub your face in the mud. If only you knew the joy and happiness that self-reflection and change can bring.

Have a great life Lisa, but stay the f$*k out of mine.


Anonymous said...

Wow I love that blog who ever wrote it must have written it from the heart. You go girl.

Holly said...

Good for you - I am a firm believer in removing the toxic people from your life.

Lisa - get help. Get lost. Just get.


Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

For our anonymous writer, keep it up hon. You are strong and this Lisa person is obviously petty and pitiful. Lisa? Grow a backbone and take care of yourself and yours rather than bring down someone else. Ridiculous.

Jenny Grace said...

Good for you honey.

Anonymous said...

I agree! Keep those toxic people as far away as possible! Good for you!

Anne said...

I think this is a great idea! Every once in a while, I will want to rant and will realize that someone undesirable has access to my blog. So I keep quiet and rant to my hubby!

Chibi said...

I totally want to stand up and cheer for you, Anonymous! Your life will definitely be better off without Lisa Loser.

Janie Woods said...


D... said...

Great idea! I love the idea of the "When Pills aren't Enough" sessions. Clever.

Life is too short to have toxic people in your life. I've had to remove a few myself. It's hard.

TUWABVB said...

Good for you!!! I was cheering for you about two words into this post. I hate it when people take their insecurities out on others - especially other who have helped them in the past. I'm sorry that a friend is treating you so horribly, but so proud of you for rising above it!

Unknown said...

Nothing hurts more than putting yourself out there for someone you consider a friend... and then getting kicked in the ass by them when they no longer "need" you.
From the little you shared of Lisa's marriage... I wonder if there will be a repeat performance? And I wonder how she'll feel to know that she managed to push away the only person that might have been there for her?
Whenever I've dealt with one of these people, it usually comes down to shame. They're ashamed of what you know, they're ashamed of themselves for going back... so they go on the offense real quick.
Don't worry... people that selfish usually get theirs.
And damn, girl... I would HATE to be on the receiving end of YOUR anger :)


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