Friday, October 30, 2009

Sob Stories

One of our frequent activities during the spring and summer is to head down to Santa Cruz and hang at the Boardwalk. We typically do that when we're kamping near by in our would-qualify-as-a-second-home-if-only-it-had-a-commode pop-up camper. Alas, we're of humble origins in the recreational vehicle world.

Anyway, knowing how frequently we go there, we pony up for season passes at the Boardwalk. Each season pass comes with a all-day ride ticket. I guess we're supposed to bring friends or something outrageous like that and give them the ticket. [As opposed to my natural inclination to sell any such "friends" the tickets.]

We have no friends.

So I posted four of the five tickets for sale on CraigsList.

[I guess that means we have one friend as we did manage to use one of the tickets.]

Almost immediately, I get a bite. Someone going by the moniker of "Muggy Arlie" sends me this:

I caught a glimpse of the item you were selling in sfbay.. I live there too, and I have been doing the same exact thing since our economy crumbled.. About 3.5 months ago, it's embarrassing, but I needed to sell my girls Playstation 3 to make our house payment and it was without a doubt the most difficult time in my life.

Saying that it made me ashamed doesn't even begin to describe it properly, but I knew I had to make the house payment or we would be homeless (we were already a few months behind). Thank goodness that will be the last time I'll have to hurt my babies like that.

One of my good friends showed me how he was able to earn a large income on-line. I couldn't believe he would share this with me in the first place, but I'm appreciative that I've been sharing this with everyone who needs a financial break and who might be in the same situation.

Thankfully it's easy or I would not have been able to figure it out, not to mention this has been the most financially sound I have ever felt before. I promise you will find this website worth the 90 seconds it will take you to look it over.

Oh, here's the link: SUCKER.

Take care, and Bless You.

Seriously, "Muggy," when I am desperately in need of money, it's not Boardwalk tickets I'll be selling.


Mayhem and Moxie said...

I started off happily reading this post, thinking, oh my family and I were at the Boardwalk earlier this year. How fun!

Then I continued reading.

Seriously? Spammers have even managed to infiltrate Craig's List. Such a shame.

cjm said...

I got the same kind of responses to some of the items I put up as well. We had some slightly bigger leftover garage sale items--you know, like $10 items. I thought the same thing. Seriously? I'd sell a 20-year-old tv to make ends meet?

Heather of the EO said...

This has happened to me on Craigslist too. SO annoying. As bad as the fake emails offering me someone's life savings because they have no loved ones. Riiiight.

Tara R. said...

Ahhh... the kindness of strangers. Wow! Does spam ever end?

Gel said...

I, too, was struck by your twist in the post. Good way of introducing a light airy family time as it should be in contrast to someone "caring for his family" in such a low manner. Spam, con, stupidity or whatever- that is low to put out on Craig's List. (not yours- his).

Anne said...

What a horrible way to exploit his family (if he has a family). I wonder if that really works for them.

Stillie said...

At least you get responses from real people. I only get Nigerian form letters that want to scam me.


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