Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Talisman: Haiku

Finger thumb caress
a cereal box treasure.
Soothing talisman.

Daughter was the perfect baby. Perhaps we should have recognized that as a sign. Instead, we chose to just be grateful and humbled in her peaceful presence.

She rarely cried, even in the toddler years when she'd bang her head against something whilst racing to some place important. She'd rub her head, trying to stop any tears, and say, "I okay. I okay."

She was a self-soother, and she latched onto a small orange cat figurine as a must-have. She happened upon it when we were visiting England when she was not yet two years old. She carried it with her everywhere for a few years. Which is not to say there weren't frantic occasions where it got misplaced and entire houses were upended to find the damn thing.

It was her talisman. When things weren't right with the world -- when Ee-ee was stricken with cancer and had to go through chemo, when Daughter was plopped into a preschool setting far too early for her temperament, when the world was over-stimulating and loud and threatening to overwhelm her to the point of no return, when her parents didn't "get" there was an issue -- that orange cat was there.

She's 11 now. [Daughter, not the cat.] She has not turned to the cat for many, many years. I have, from time to time, carried that cat with me. It lives on top of my dresser, along with its blue bunny companion, and alongside teeth and teeny hospital bands and blurry ultrasound photos.

It remains a talisman.

[Thank you to the poets at One Single Impression.]


Janie Woods said...

How cute!! Reminds me of Lammie!


Quiet Paths said...

This really grabbed at my motherly heart strings. It reminded me of such comfort tokens our boys clutched when they were small. Heart warming and very insightful post.

Tammie Lee said...

oh, you have gone through some hard times! May this talisman continue to protect you and yours.

Pam said...

Talismans work their magic for a while and then we out grow them. I am glad that you are still hanging on to it - maybe someday she'll want it back.

zoya gautam said...

.. a truly wonderful post ..

many thanks for sharing it ..

Kathie Brown said...

A sweet poem that I understood even before I read the equally sweet story that goes with it!

SandyCarlson said...

This touched my heart. And spoke to me. Wow.

My daughter is about that age and still takes her talisman--a blanket--everywhere.

Caloden said...

Everybody needs a rock.

Anne said...

There are times when I could use something like that to sooth me. Too bad it doesn't work for her now that she is 11.

Jim said...

A touching haiku. Those were the days!

Our daughter had Doggie Duke. A lady friend made him for her. He is in our attic now.

Gel said...

Oh, my heart is thumping. Our daughter has a cuddly talisman from years past that she took with her to college. This story of yours- heartwarming.


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