Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Weekly Wonderings #125

1. "Mom! Mom! I just blew a bubble gum bubble!"

2. Running up to the dining room to show me her new-found skill, Daughter blows a bubble big and bold...and out of her mouth.

3. "Do you think it's still edible?" she wonders, staring at the bubble sticking to my arm hair.

4. I got an email from a woman whose daughter used to go to the same school as my very own Daughter. I recall her daughter being a snooty mean girl who treated Daughter shabbily on several occasions.

5. [This is where I have mixed feelings on Daughter's inability to recognize snubs and mean girls being mean to her. On the one hand, it spares her feelings. On the other hand, I hate her continuing to be nice to these girls.]

6. Anyway, I must be in the mother's email address book next to someone who actually gives a shit about her because I got an email saying: I finally ordered the NY book I made from the Dec 08 trip and thought you might get a kick out of seeing it. There was a link to the Costco MyPublisher site.

7. Now, I know she can't possibly think I could give a rat's ass about her trip. Clearly, it was a mistake. But I looked anyway was like passing a wreck on the side of the road. You shouldn't look. But you look.

8. Everything about it screamed at me, "Oh, yes, this is why her daughter is her daughter. AHA!"

9. I sent her a note saying she must have made a mistake. She replied, "Yes. Sorry." I haven't deleted the book yet because it really does make me laugh.

10. Want to see it? How "mean girl" of me would it be to post the Book ID and password? I know. I know. I'm just sayin'.

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Anonymous said...

Send me the Book ID and password in an email, please. Please!


CrAzY Working Mom said...

I went to help the PTO count fund raiser money at our school last week. One father proclaimed as he pilfered through an empty envelope that he should write a note to the child who collected no money that he wouldn't be allowed to play on the new equipment. Later as someone was counting his daughter's class, there was only a check for $7 in her envelope. He was questioned about it and quickly snipped that they spent $2500 on cheer leading AND we are in a recession so they didn't have any left over money for the school fund raiser!

I wanted to say, "Well, your daughter can cheer on the other children as THEY play on the new equipment".

Instead, I kept my head down and continued to count the money.

Unfortunately, there are loads of people just like this parent everywhere...and they will raise children to be just the same.

It's sad, definitely!

Maggie May said...

i love bubblegum. that is all.

D... said...

Oh you should totally be a "mean girl" ;)

My daughter is the same as yours. So frustrating as a parent, but dang if she isn't a great human being.

It took forever for my kids to learn the art of bubble blowing. Strange kids, I have.


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