Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Weekly Wonderings #128

Home on the Range, a Range of the Rich and Famous
1. I can't remember the last time I smoked pot. I know I haven't smoked it with any regularity since the first couple of years out of college.

2. The other night, having listened to a radio talk show guest host I know expounding on Obama's directive to stop going after medical marijuana distributors in states where it is legal, I dreamt I was smoking up a storm.

3. Don't lose the fact that it was a dream, folks, 'k.

4. But let me just say, "Ahhhhhhhhhhh, I remember."

5. This in no way means I won't continue to carry the Parenthood Party banner of "Don't Do Drugs."

6. Although, to be honest, I continue to refuse to engage in the brainwashing of baby-fat-carrying kids during Red Ribbon Week.

7. Along the same dream lines, I dreamt of a very wealthy (male) friend of mine the other night. [No, it wasn't one of those kinds of dreams. I don't waste dreams of those nature on anyone but Pete.]

8. I can pinpoint why I dreamt of him, too. It's because I'd just received an email from one of his organizations touting a damn good sale on beef raised at "his" ranch.

9. Which now makes me think of my neighbor, who was wondering what I had given to the new neighbors to welcome them to the neighborhood. [Wine, homemade bread and homemade cookies.]

10. When she bemoaned the fact that she was a vegan and, thus, wouldn't be able to enjoy the cookies, I began plotting how to lie to her and slip her some butter- and egg-laden cookies. I am bad. [I'll keep you apprised.]

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Maria said...

We have a neighbor who is allergic to almost everything. Once, when I was out walking Socks, I saw her in her garden and stopped at her gate to comment on her gorgeous flowers. She politely asked me to move on since the wind was blowing in a certain direction and she was allergic to dogs and thought she might "inhale" some of his dander.

I had to bite my cheeks and flair my nostrils in an attempt not to laugh.

Anne said...

I don't remember the last time I smoked pot either. Let's just say it was a long, long time and leave it at that :). Careful with sneaking eggs and butter into a vegan's diet. Not because it is mean but I used to not eat red meat and when I would eat something with red meat in it I would get really sick. Your body loses the ability to digest it.

Beck said...

I made a joke like that to a vegan friend - a JOKE! - and then noticed that she had stopped talking to me. I wrote her a little "something wrong?" email and got back paragraphs on how "judgemental" I am.
True story!
Wish I'd slipped her a hamburger.

Patois42 said...

Of course, Anne "knows" me, so she knows I'm joking about actually doing that. On the off chance others who don't know me think I would: JOKE. Not on the scale of "The TSA Stole My Baby" or "Up, Up and Away in My Hoax-Filled Balloon" but a joke nonetheless.


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