Friday, October 2, 2009

When Will I Ever Need Algebra?

I've got the answer to that question.

God knows, I asked it myself 30-odd years ago. And I asked it in all earnestness. Seriously, I could never imagine a scenario when I would need to know algebra.

But I know the answer now. And when my kids moan and groan and ask that question -- which Daughter is sooooooooo close to asking -- I'll be able to answer honestly and swiftly.


When you have your own children. That's when you'll need to know how to do that shit.


Jomama said...

Yes. When oldest child's team sports fees = x, and youngest child's swim lessons = y, and mortgage and other home expenses = z, and take home pay not enough, make the following formula balance on both sides:

not enough = (x+y+z)

Michele R said...

The comment above is a hoot.

Your prepared response is great. I was so thrilled with myself the other day assisting my 6th grade son with his math. Although some I wasn't sure on such as where to put the ( ) around a long equation such as 6+7x8+12, etc., etc.
But 8th grade son knows to not even discuss his math class with me.

Maggie May said...

me too.

i canNOT CANNOT CANNOT! do. math.

D... said...

LOL! So true, so true.... Luckily my daughter actually caught on to Algebra so did not require my help. I pray she remembers it in case my son needs help. I only go up to 5th grade math. ;)

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

HA! Awesome response, hon!

That you and you should have said, "When you pay your bills and balance your bank account. You have to know algebra just to get your first beer! Sha!"


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