Saturday, November 28, 2009

I Got Rhythm

Youngest's all-time favorite place to hang? The drum room at Bananas at Large. The folks there couldn't be more accommodating of my drum-crazy son and his need to drum. The fact that they let him pound away on $5,000 kits is a testament to my belief that all rockers have burnt far too many brain cells for their own good.

Daughter and I caught up with Pete and Youngest while they were finishing up before the parade and tree lighting in downtown San Rafael. [We had stopped for a crepe, of course, 'cause you can't be in San Rafael and not get a crepe. If you're my daughter. Or bang a drum. If you're my youngest son.]

Girl can dance, I tell you. Drums? Girl can dance.

As for Youngest? Here's hoping he goes the way of Max Weinberg and not John Bonham.

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Stillie said...

I just want to go because it's called "Bananas at Large!"


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