Tuesday, November 24, 2009

On Thin Ice

The kids have the entire week off this week. Any other information required to figure out why we start school around August 19? No?

Yesterday, the day was filled with errands done with kids on board: the Post Office, the bank, the school district office, the grocery store, Costco and Blockbuster. Ah, those were fun times, eh? No?

Today, it's off to the skating rink on the Embarcadero in San Francisco. When she used to be somebody, it was called the Kristi Yamaguchi Ice Rink. Now it's just the Holiday Ice Rink, presented by Hawaiian Airlines. Now that's an appropriate tie-in. No?

Meanwhile, the NaNoWriMo clock is winding down. Quick, give me a story idea. No?


mayberry said...

Well, you can always tell us what you are going to eat for Thanksgiving. Extra points if your family has some weird traditional menu item.

Or tell about that one time you saw a real live wild turkey. If that happened.

D... said...

You are filled with more excitement than us. Yesterday found us at the orthodontist office. Today found us cleaning the kitchen in preparation for getting it dirty again with holiday cooking. Fun times a Chez D.... ;)

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Don't eat too much!


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