Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Weekly Wonderings #130

1. My doctor will be so proud of my new exercise regimen: 10 minutes playing basketball every weekday on the lower yard of the school.

2. I tell you, I am goooooooood. Particularly when I'm playing against a bunch of second and third graders.

3. By fourth grade, I'm no longer taller than the kids.

4. One of the drawbacks of playing, though? I got a bloody nose the other day. How many 50-year-old women can say they got a bloody nose shooting hoops?

5. Talk about causing nosebleeds, we're looking for a new car, ready to turn our behemoth back to the dealer at the end of the three-year lease. Can I just say that I'm not a huge fan of auto dealers?

6. There's the guy at the Toyota dealership who's nice enough, but he has no eyebrows. They're just penciled in.

7. I swear he does Botox, too.

8. Car sales must be for the young, as evidenced by that guy's attempts to look young and the very young tall, long-legged, gorgeous blonde who helped us at the Ford dealership.

9. If the prices weren't enough to send us away from Ford, the sales associate/finance guy did the trick when he called our salesperson "Sweetheart," and I said, "Don't you call her that. That just frosts my butt."

10. He tried to defend himself by saying he calls everybody that. Only he called the other sales guy leaving "Stan." Must be code for "Sweetheart."


Tara R. said...

Work the boards and if the little ankle biters don't back off the ball, throw some 'bows.

Good luck on the car hunt.

Not Afraid to Use It said...

HaHa!! Stan code for sweetheart. I will have to tell Hubbie that one. I always say "What's the plan, Stan?" Now he might believe me that it really is a term of endearment.

Stillie said...

I totally feel you on the car dealership thing. I almost wanted to go to Saturn just so I wouldn't have to wheel and deal. Except I think Saturn sucks.

I hope your visit goes well. With a non-sexist salesman! LOL!

Kim said...

Great post...Stan. ;)


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