Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Weekly Wonderings #131

1. My husband couldn't resist forwarding me a joke making the Internet rounds:

This week we celebrate a special birthday. Monica Lewinsky turns 44. Can you believe it? It seems like only yesterday she was crawling around the White House on her hands and knees, putting everything in her mouth. They grow up so quickly, don't they?

2. My reaction? She's not 44. She was only 23 when that happened. That makes her only about 36.

3. Obviously, I have no sense of humor.

4. Sending a snarky email to someone -- no, not the one about Monica -- I get a auto reply back that says, in part, "I will be away and won#&39%t be able to reply to your message until November 22."

5. Funny, she usually keeps her cursing under control. Must be visiting in-laws.

6. You ever get the sense that someone is avoiding you, and you convince yourself that you must have done something to precipitate it?

7. Yeah, me too.

8. In NaNoWriMo news, I took the day "off" Thursday, opting instead to go on a field trip. With a bunch of sixth graders! To pick lettuce!

9. It's true, Daughter's sixth grade earth science class went to an organic farm in Bolinas to learn about sustainability and bio-diversity and gleaning.

10. "Gleaning" is my new favoritest word. I think I'll have to work a farmer or two into my novel, just to make the day not a total loss in the word count arena.

[Picture of The Gleaners by Jean Francois Millet courtesy]


Tara R. said...

The Lewinsky debacle was that long ago?? Time flies...

Jeni said...

You sure are one brave soul in my book to go on a field trip with a bunch of 6th graders! Field trips -something I could never participate in with any of my children since I could never get off work for something like that back then. Wonder if my former employer is a bit more lenient these days with their personnel requesting days off for something like that? Probably not. Most smallish restaurants don't see the value there.

Lucy said...

haha this is so funny and no.6! I do that all the time!! so paranoid I guess?
as for organic... it brought to mind the hysterical comment you left on my blog years ago when I wrote about my organic bed. I just sent it to someone who had a bed story of their own and I want u to know I listened to your advice! I hang that bed story over my husbands head all the time! thanks! have a great thanksgiving xo


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