Friday, November 6, 2009

Well, That's Hard to Top

There's a local blog I read by a single woman with the monker Kat Wilder. She had a column in the local daily newspaper, and now her column runs in its weekly entertainment tab and, of course, online.

She wrote a piece the other day about measures of success, relating an encounter where an old friend spoke disparagingly about another woman's lack of success as she's merely staying at home raising her kids.

I was about to leave a comment, but then I read the last comment that was there. Here's what the first part said:

I think that having a child would make me unhappier than any other thing I can imagine doing with my life. In fact, I think that given overpopulation, having your own children is possibly the most unethical decision you can make in your life. But then, that's me.

Ouch! I don't know what surprised me most: that she made such a comment on a blog by a woman with a child of her own, that she made such a comment after others had weighed in on being happy staying home with their own kids, or that she identified herself by linking to her own blog.

I thought about slinking away. But I could hardly call slinking a success, yeah? Or maybe that's just me.


Not Afraid to Use It said...

I couldn't resist leaving a comment over there, but let's see if it gets published. My take in it is I wonder if anyone ever said that to Honey's mom? That she was an unethical person for having given birth to her. I also stated that if her parents are still living, I hope she calls them and lets them know she thinks they are unethical people that, given the overpopulation of the earth, should never have conceived her.

But I bet she won't. Funny how people who have such strong convictions only choose to apply them to other people and never themselves.

Stillie said...

I don't think it's unethical, but I know I'm not the kind of person to have kids. I understand what the woman is saying. I don't agree with all of it, but I know my purpose in life is not to produce children of my own.

Most of my friends have kids and they're happy with their families, and I'm glad for them. Sometimes, I wish I had that gene.


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