Saturday, November 14, 2009

Word. Word. Word.

I absolutely LOVE Joceyln's suggestion that I just write "poop" 1,000 (or so) times if I'm short on my word count for NaNoWriMo. For variety, I might throw in a "crap" or "damn" or "frick." [Yeah, yeah, I'm still considering this blog PG so I won't write the real obscenities. Here.]

You ever been to Wordle? Fascinating. Want to know what I've been writing lately?

I know one word I should probably STOP using. "Just." Later.


Anonymous said...

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cjm said...

I love Wordle. I'm thinking of running our vows through it and making a print.

tiff said...

I HEART Wordle.

WE did a wordle for our summer vacation and thought about getting t-shirts printed up...but then thought it might kinda nerdy...smiles :)

My husband did it with his staff at the middle school and they use it on their parent is kinda cool...well i think!

Wordle ON!

Stillie said...

We use Wordle for work all the time. I'm a teacher, so I guess it makes sense. I love how custom you can get with it!


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