Thursday, December 17, 2009


What does it say about me that I see "LOL" and I immediately think vile thoughts about the person who wrote it? I roll my eyes overdramatically. I let out an oversized dramatic sigh. I say, all Scarlett-like, "Can you get any less original?"

It irks me.

"I wonder when we'll get the death notice. LOL."

"Can you believe he said 'Simon says touch your privates' to all the second graders? LOL."

"Did you hear she left him for the tennis instructor? LOL."

Not even LIS* or CI** or PAFS***.

It's because I'm old, yeah? That's why I don't feel tempted to write LOL all the effin' time, isn't it? If I were young and hep and had the young hips to go along with my youth and hepness, I'd LOL all over SOHO and MOMA, right?

Whatevah. [Crap, that sounds bad coming from an old woman, too.]

Henceforth, I shall forever see LOL and think LOFL. In fact, I shall only ever write LOFL from now on. Laugh Out Fu#&ing Loud.


*Laugh In Silence
**Chuckle Inwardly
***Paste a Fake Smile

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Magpie said...

In that case, can I tell you how much it irks me when people say "nom nom nom" when they want to convey that something is tasty? Argh.


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