Friday, December 11, 2009

Luddite Life

Why not become a Luddite? I mean, I've been putzing around for the past two days, in two hour chunks of time, talking with Verizon tech support folks trying to, first, get my existing modem/router working from a wireless standpoint and then, when that failed, trying to get a NEW modem/router working from any standpoint and then, when THAT failed, trying not to scream FU*$ loudly enough for the kids to hear and then, when THAT, TOO, failed, trying to get eMachines to help me system restore my Verizon-tech-destroyed computer and then, when YES THAT, TOO, FAILED, driving myself to the ER because I've punched a hole in the monitor and have blood oozing out of me.

Okay, the last part is an exaggeration. No monitors (or knuckles) were harmed in the never ending saga of why I am becoming a Luddite. Or at least a Mac owner.

FU*$! FU*$!

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Janet said...

Verizon. Blech.
I miss my Mac.

Stillie said...

Verizon is not my favorite right now. My cell service rocks. My coverage rocks. The air card and its ridiculous overages due to a tech error somewhere that is not with me - not so great. The $400+ they want me to pay for the aforementioned overages - not gonna happen. Since when does Stillie stay up until after 2am on a weeknight to warrant 6 hours' worth of 768MB transfer?



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