Thursday, December 31, 2009

Time Travels

How's this for a last-day-of-the-decade task? Archive. Yeah, I've not done that in, oh, all of 2009. So I scanned through each month to kill two birds with one stone. Enjoy (or not). Blessings in the coming year and decade to you and yours.

January: The post where I admit I am a wuss and I do believe in ghosts.

February: Where I ask for some economic stimulus help to come my way.

March: WTF with the hairy tongue?

April: Well paid assholes defaulting on their homes.

May: Aw, freak out.

June: My parenting philosophy. Really.

July: Hey, sometimes I'm actually a GOOD parent.

August: Because this really makes me laugh.

September: Cue Streisand singing "The Way We Were" with this one.

October: Totally ripped off from the infamous Beck of Frog and Toad Are Still Friends with this one.

November: Because I can't work in the line, "Ah, Achmed, they blow up so fast," I'll just have to be content with saying they grow up so fast.

December: The past is here.


CrAzY Working Mom said...

♪ Happy New Year ♪

Here's to hoping Twenty-Ten is full of wonderful things! :)

Janet said...

A few other folks have done this, too. I don't think I even posted 12 times in 2009.


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