Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wordy Wednesday #89: Bikini Bottom

Hilarious, yeah? Particularly because that isn't my patootie in the photo.

Since my computer blew up last week, I've been using the one formally known as "Dad's black laptop." But I remember, finally, that we bought this sucker because I was headed down to Santa Cruz for 10 days with the kids in August 2007 and I had a survey to write. So I believe this is now known formally as "the black top formerly known as Dad's." On it are a few photos from a couple of years ago, including this one.

Whilst camping, Joanne and the girls came to stay for several days with us, and we made the trek to the Monterrey Bay Aquarium. I've got the shot all set to take and, boom, some woman sporting a fashionable pair of blue pants and gray top comes in to...I'm not sure. I think her kid had availed himself of the Kodak opportunity. She must have pegged me for the type to post photos online, so she strategically placed herself to block her kid and Youngest. Good job!
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