Monday, December 7, 2009

{W}rite of Passage: Character

Jenny arrived at work Monday a few minutes before 9 o'clock, hoping to beat the other HR ladies into the office. She had "telecommuted" from home Friday afternoon. As she thought of the term, she added the quotation marks with a gesture in her head. "Telecommuting!" That the other ladies bought that excuse caused the grin lines to appear on her face. Gullible, that's what they were.

Oh, and the new HR director simply had to be the most gullible of all. Didn't any of them realize she was all but unreachable Friday afternoons? Not that any "clients" – there she went adding those quotation marks in her head – were doing anything of substance Fridays. But they were all stuck in their offices or at the school sites until 4 o'clock and beyond. As for Jenny? Well, she was getting in some much needed gym time before heading out to pick her daughters up from after-school daycare. The daycare was heavily subsidized for all district employees.

Sure, Jenny realized, she could have picked up her daughters early on her "telecommuting" days, but where was the fun in that? It wasn't like she wasn't already going to be saddled with them all weekend. Besides, she told herself, if she picked up the girls before 5 o'clock, it was possible that her boss would find out. You can't trust a district employee not to ruin a sweet deal, she knew. So she extended her "telecommuting" beyond the four walls of the gym, arranging a massage at the chiropractor's office every week. The massage, a therapeutic one, was, of course, covered by the health insurance she received as a full-time district employee.

There were certainly quite a few messages on her voice mail Monday morning. Unbelievably, on Friday, three principals had called requesting different, purportedly all important, tasks from her. Check references. Hire a library clerk. Make sure a transfer went through. On a Friday? What were they possibly thinking? Didn't they understand how much work they expected of her and how unreasonable they were being?

Jenny was interrupted mid-thought as she spotted the HR director coming from the superintendent's office. She looked rather grim, actually. What now?

[My first contribution to the {W}rite of Passage Challenge. Jenny? She's not real. Much. But she's someone I encountered and imagined. With quotation marks.]


Kelly Miller said...

The Jennys of the world rarely get their come-uppance. I'm hopeful yours will. ;) Very believable and interesting story!

Tester said...

Uh oh....she's in big trouble!

Janet said...

Apparently there's a glitch in my computer. I can't find the rest of the story!!!!! Ach!!! You can't do this to someone who can't put down a book.


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