Thursday, January 14, 2010

All Wet

I'd been playing basketball with Pete and Youngest yesterday before school. It is a regular session as follows: a team of seven third graders against a team of seven second and first graders. Pete stands near the basket and tries to block third grade shots and then send the ball back to the younger kids' team. Mostly, I try to stop the third graders from roughing the other kids and from having far too many kids on the court at one time.

Yesterday, there were only six of the younger kids playing, so I was also in the game, using my extreme height to my only advantage. I will deal with the older kids being rough in kind: I will put them in a bear hug and try to tickle them. Or I will yell, as is my typical practice as a yard duty supervisor.

[Have I mentioned how often I run into a kid with her/his parent out and about town and the kid will yell, "Hi, Yard Duty!" only everyone only ever seems to hear "doody" as in "dog doody"?]

The bell rings, and I'm hanging with Pete and Youngest while Youngest waits to enter his classroom. One of the tough-guy third graders, the scrawniest of the bunch, walks up to me, smiles, and stomps in a puddle that I'm standing next to, getting my piece-of-crap, ripped-to-shreds jeans wet.

WTF, kid?

I am livid, and I drag his sorry ass down to the principal's office because I'm gonna bench the asshole for the rest of the day.

When I go later to visit Youngest at lunch, the principal gives me this. I can't help but laugh.


Florinda said...

Nice apology note! (And since you posted it here, you won't have to frame it.)

It's Delurker Day, so I thought I'd stop by, since it's been a while :-).

mayberry said...

Did he also promise not to pull out all the hair from one side of your head? And MEAN IT?

D... said...

Love the slash mark over him stomping water And I mean it.

Tara R. said...

If it's in writing it must be true... right? Little turd.

tiff said...

i hate the word duty...cuz' you are sounds like if you are giant piece of shit!

other than teaching all day...i am also the lunch room 'dooty' person everyday for kindergarten...and quite honestly it can be all about the 'dooty'!

i love that you wanted to bench his ass...ha :)

CrAzY Working Mom said...

Hey Yard Doody...err...ummm, I mean Duty! :)

Did the principal make him write it or did he do it of his own free will?

Patois42 said...

Oh, it was a forced assignment, to be sure.


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