Monday, January 25, 2010

Bare Assertions

Being on the opposite coast as Massachusetts, we're less in the know on the intricacies of their elections, special or otherwise.

[Why did Church Lady just pop into my head saying, "Isn't that special?"]

So you'd understand if the folks I was with Saturday hadn't necessarily seen Sen. Naked Cosmo Guy in all his glory. Being the helpful soul that I am, I quickly found the spread in question.

Being quite a bit older than the other couple and not an American-come-lately like my British-born husband, I was able to also speak to the origins of the Cosmo naked man spreads. I explained that I thought the first big name -- no pun intended -- who posed was Burt Reynolds. That led to another search while we discussed how hairy such a photo would look.

Something caught my eye at the place I found the Reynolds spread, and that was that David Hasselhoff had posed in 1990 for the 25th anniversary of Cosmo. So, yeah, I HAD to look that one up, too.

He posed with dogs! WTF? Okay, yeah, Reynolds on a fur rug was clearly intended to make him look less hairy. Hasselhoff with wrinkly dogs? What conclusions should we draw from that?

But the whole point of the conversation Saturday night wasn't to look at eye candy. [Quite frankly, I don't find any of those photos appealing. And how about where the fold falls on Sen. Naked Cosmo Guy? That's a pretty small fold.]

My point was to say if a woman had posed nude in a magazine, even at the relatively young age of 22, she wouldn't stand a chance in politics. [And, yes, Pete, I concede your point about the porn star in Italy. But I'm talking American politics.]

For the most part, the others agreed. Except.

Except J. made a compelling argument that if such photos were to come to light about Sarah Palin, they'd only boost her standing. She's right, I think, that the old fuddy-duddy Republican powers-that-be have the hots for that "girl." Hell, many have likely been imagining her naked for awhile. I mean, it's certainly not her smarts they're aching for.

[Photos all originally from Cosmopolitan.]


Tara R. said...

You might be right about Palin. They aren't called 'Blue Dog Dems' for nothing.

Does Cosmo still run these centerfolds?

Giggles said...

I was thinking the exact same thing, not a hope a woman would survive that spread...if you know what I mean!!

Michael Serafin St John said...

Sarah Palin will be a pictorial or covergirl, bargaining for a Playboy Interview slot; and this will force Nancy Pelosi into Penthouse negotiations.

Patois42 said...

Such funny people I know!

Laura Marchant said...

The Hoff scares me.

Janet said...

I own the copy of Cosmo with Burt in it. Never saw Hasselhoff's and I'm now looking for the bleach.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Hmmmm, I don't know. I think if she had posed in Playboy, she wouldn't have ever had a chance. It's still a double standard. Grrr...


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