Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Crosswalk to Bear

356°: I might be jumping the gun here, but it looks like Pete found a keeper at Blue Shield. She stayed on the phone with him the entire time he filled out the online application. Our personal Doomsday Clock is ticking down to February 28. If that application isn't approved, we will officially be without health care insurance on that date. Of course, even if it is approved, God only knows what the cost will be. And I don't think my turning tricks will bring in much.

355°: Regarding my contacting the woman who despises me (as related in the 6th °), through our intermediary, she coughed up the name of a property manager I was trying to secure for someone. And she did it, apparently, without rancor.

7°: I stopped at a crosswalk to let a pair of pedestrians cross the busy, four-lane thoroughfare. A moronic chick in a Prius who was behind me pulled around to the right lane and was all set to plow through the crosswalk. I honked my horn, which had the hippie Prius driver* slamming on her brakes and the pedestrians jumping back to the relative safety in front of my Jeep. The law is you stop at crosswalks. I thought the cops in our city had done enough stings to underscore the law. Guess not.

*I call the Prius driver a "hippie" out of my lurve for my IRL friend Joanne, a bona fide hippie who surely wishes she still had her Prius.

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Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Wow. Talk about impatience. I'll bet Prius Hippie felt bad... for five seconds.


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