Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Weekly Wonderings #136

1. It's always difficult to come to the end of a school vacation for the kids and enforce "normalcy" again.

2. It's particularly difficult around these here parts because my kids are believers in abnormalcy.

3. I often wonder where they get it from.

4. I blame Pete. As any normal person would do.

5. Going with that "normal" track, anybody else start getting a bunch of spambot comments lately? And why are they all showing up on old posts?

6. Most importantly, will they count as page clicks for my advertising?

7. If so, any way I can increase their number?

8. So, my 360° project started yesterday.

9. 1° was sending an acquaintance a link to information on a job. She's desperate for one, and I think this one would be perfect.

10. I decided I wouldn't count good things done for those I know and love. (But if I do something for someone I know and dislike, I'm going to count it.) Now, go out and do something good.


Janet said...

I have no clue what normal is. Nothing is ever the same at our house from one day to the next, even during school.

CrAzY Working Mom said... there such thing?

I had to turn on comment moderation on all of my posts over 10 days 'cause I am getting 15-20 a day! It was more than I could delete. I hated to do it, but it was necessary. They are STILL doing it, though. I have emailed a couple of the companies that they are representing with no luck.

D... said...

That spam is about to drive me crazy. Not that I was 100% sane to begin with....

Normalcy. Sigh. Is there any way for me to achieve that for the kids while still being abnormally on break for myself? Yeah. That's what I thought.


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