Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Weekly Wonderings #137

1. As evidenced by my rant yesterday, just because I'm paying attention to the good doesn't mean I'm not still getting some bad.

2. I also had a run-in with a collection agency yesterday morning. We've gone round and round for nearly two months now. I paid the bill. The hospital agrees I paid the bill. The collection agency got my account after I paid the bill. The collection agency rep I've spoken with says it's clear they got it in error.

3. And, yet, they want me to provide the proof of payment rather than have the collection agency and hospital billing office have a conversation.

4. 354°: After I hung up on the collection agency yet again, I talked to the hospital billing office. The nice lady there said, "Oh, there's a rep from the agency here right now. Hold on and I'll go talk to him." [Hold. Hold. Hold.] "You won't be bothered by them again. I'm so sorry about this."

5. Can I count as 8° that I didn't call the collection agency rep back and say, "Told you so, bitch"?

6. No, I can't.

7. So 8° will be Thursday morning at drop-off time at the elementary school, which found me chasing a rat dog through the halls after it had jumped from a car in the drop-off circle. Eventually, it was caught and returned to the owner. Said owner's young first grader son was in hysterics, worried that said rat dog had been hit by a car. I spent quality time calming him down, drying his tears and making sure he was good to go.

8. Now, had it been a real dog, maybe none of this would have happened.

9. Kidding! As I assured Daughter just the other day, if she gets a small dog when she's older and "treats it like a dog," as she says, yes, I will like it.

10. But no costumes, 'k?

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Tara R. said...

Maybe we can keep our karma in tact if I call your collection agency and you call my insurance pre-cert. I think this could work.

BOSSY said...

Well, at least rat dogs are kinda cute. For rat dogs.

CrAzY Working Mom said...

I had this same thing happen years ago as well. The rep actually told me that the company wasn't allowed to accept the payment, it had to go through them! *LOL* I told the rep I didn't owe THEM, I owed the company and that's where I sent the money, so they could take it up with them! Idiots!!!

Jocelyn said...

Here's the joy of the blog world: I am now picturing someone I've never seen chasing a rat dog down a school hall.

D... said...

Collection agencies suck. It is so hard to get it fixed when things happen in error. Glad it all worked out finally!

My daughter wants a small dog. She wants a pet who will love only her. Ha!

Anne said...

I always wanted a dog I could dress in costumes. My dog is too big :(. I can't stand bureaucracies that do not allow things to be solved the simple way (for all).


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